Thursday, 20 December 2007

Leeds United YouTube Channel

Leeds United

Just a quick note to let you know that I have just launched the Leeds United Blog YouTube channel. This dedicated channel will allow me to organise and showcase all the videos featured on the leeds united blog. For instance the latest video on Tony Yeboah (see below) is the first of a series I intend to do on Leeds Utd legends. As I add more legends videos, I will be able to organise them within their own playlist for easy access.

To have a look at what a Leeds United playlist will look like and what you can do with them, you can check out a playlist conisting of the all the videos produced specifically for the Leeds United Blog by Clicking Here

Subscribe To The Leeds United YouTube Channel

If you would like to see all the new Leeds United videos as soon as they are uploaded to To The Leeds United YouTube Channel, you can visit the channel and subscribe for free by Clicking Here

Latest Video: Leeds United Legends - Tony Yeboah

Leeds United YouTube Channel

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