Monday, 31 December 2007

Leeds United: Down Memory Lane

Leeds United

One of the great things about coming home for Christmas is that I get to read all the old football books from my childhood.

To help take my mind off the swansea defeat I starting reading The FA Book of Soccer from 1975, in particular a chapter by Don Revie who at the time was manager of England. As you would expect the great Don Revie talks affectionately about his time at Leeds United. He also talked about football matters in general and there were two things that really stood out for me:

How Much The Game Has Changed

Can you imagine this happening today? When talking about his relationship with the players Don says "During my thirteen and a half years as Leeds United's manager, there was not one occasion when we came into conflict over their contracts. Indeed, they generally signed blank contracts. They would give me an idea of the financial terms they required, and then leave it to me to negotiate the best terms I could with the directors and fill in the details!"

How Some Things Never Change

Don Revie also talked about getting respect, loyalty and 100% effort from players and he mentions how his fellow managers were finding this increasingly difficult to do. To support this claim he quotes the ex Arsenal manager Bertie Mee who talked about "Young footballers totally concerned with what they can get rather than what they ought to be giving."

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Lee Bowyer, Harry Kewell, the entire England team! To name but a few.

Have a great New Year and don't forget to raise a glass to the late, great Don Revie.

Leeds United: Down memory Lane

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Swansea: De Vries, Rangel, Lawrence, Monk, Painter, Anderson (Tate 84), Britton, Pratley, Robinson (Butler 74), Bodde, Scotland (Bauza 69). Subs Not Used: Orlandi, Duffy.

Sent Off: Bodde (38). Booked: Monk, Rangel.

Goals: Robinson 9, Monk 23, Scotland 45.

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Howson (Prutton 40), Hughes, Thompson, Westlake (Flo 68), Carole (Weston 77), Kandol, Beckford. Subs Not Used: Huntington, Kishishev.

Booked: Hughes, Heath, Westlake.

Goals: Beckford 12, Thompson 46.

Att: 19,010

Ref: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

Gutted we got nothing from the game, particularly as they played most of it with 10 men. At least the other results went our way. Come on Leeds, two home games to follow, maximum points please!

The Leeds United Distractor

Family Guy Clips

Happy New year. Here's to playing Championship football in 2008!

Leeds United Matchday

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Hartlepool: Budtz, Nolan, Nelson, Antwi , Elliott, Brown (Sweeney 87), Humphreys, Boland, Liddle, Barker, Moore. Subs Not Used: Bullock, Foley, Robson, Mackay.

Goals: Nelson 21.

Leeds Utd: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton (Carole 57), Howson, Westlake (Flo 77), Beckford, Kandol, Kishishev (Thompson 57). Subs Not Used: Huntington, Constantine.

Booked: Thompson, Howson.

Goals: Beckford 90.

Att: 7,784

Ref: Lee Mason (Lancashire).

Get in there! Top of the tree, albeit for just an hour or two. Jeff Stelling and the rest of the monkey hanging brigade must be gutted.

Leeds United Matchday

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton (Carole 65), Thompson, Howson, Westlake (Flo 65), Beckford (Kishishev 85), Kandol. Subs: Huntington, Constantine.

Booked: Marques

Goals: Just like the last game some dispute over the scorer. It would seem it's either an own goal or young Jonny Howson. Let's hope it's the latter.

Bristol Rovers: Phillips, Lescott, Coles, Elliott, Jacobson (Carruthers 3), Pipe, Campbell, Disley, Haldane (Walker 85), Rigg (Williams 46), Lambert. Subs: Igoe, Hinton.

Booked: Disley, Elliott

Att: 27,863

Referee: C Webster

Another Leeds United late show but it's all about results! Third in the league at Christmas, just one point off the top. I wonder what odds you would have got on that at the start of the season! Well done one and all.

A word about today's opponents

Bristol Rovers are known as the Pirates so don't forget that if you meet one of their fans, you'll need to talk in the way that they understand e.g.

Your team be shit Ya lily livered scallywag!

Can we play ye every week Ya scurvy dog!

Have A Great Christmas Everybody

Leeds United Matchday

Friday, 21 December 2007

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend

Ever wondered who started Manchester United football club? No me neither, but apparently it was Kyle's mum.

I really shouldn't find this funny at my age! If only there were a few footballers called Kyle, imagine this one being belted out on the terraces. Thinking about it, there was Kyle lightbourne, but I don't think he plays anymore.

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Leeds United YouTube Channel

Leeds United

Just a quick note to let you know that I have just launched the Leeds United Blog YouTube channel. This dedicated channel will allow me to organise and showcase all the videos featured on the leeds united blog. For instance the latest video on Tony Yeboah (see below) is the first of a series I intend to do on Leeds Utd legends. As I add more legends videos, I will be able to organise them within their own playlist for easy access.

To have a look at what a Leeds United playlist will look like and what you can do with them, you can check out a playlist conisting of the all the videos produced specifically for the Leeds United Blog by Clicking Here

Subscribe To The Leeds United YouTube Channel

If you would like to see all the new Leeds United videos as soon as they are uploaded to To The Leeds United YouTube Channel, you can visit the channel and subscribe for free by Clicking Here

Latest Video: Leeds United Legends - Tony Yeboah

Leeds United YouTube Channel

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Leeds United: Movin' On Up

Leeds United

I've just put together the latest Leeds United Blog video - 'Movin On Up'. Hope you like it.



Leeds United: Movin' On Up

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton (Howson 78), Douglas, Kishishev (Thompson 79), Westlake, Constantine (Flo 70), Beckford. Subs: Huntington, Lucas.

Booked: Douglas 52, Hughes 90, Thompson 90

Goals: Westlake 90

Walsall: Ince, Weston, Gerrard, Dann, Fox, Deeney (Sonko 57), Wrack, Bradley, Sweeney, Mooney, Ricketts. Subs: Roper, Bossu, Taundry, Demontagnac.

Booked: Sweeney 30, Fox 77, Bradley 90

Goals: Mooney 75

Att: 10,102 (2,891 Leeds)

Ref: K Stroud

The Leeds Utd never say die spirit strikes again. Good solid away point. Lets hope the Douglas injury isn't too bad.

Around 3000 Leeds fans made the trip to Walsall today. Don't be surprised if some of them decide to stay there because as this video shows Walsall is the place to be!

Leeds United Matchday

Friday, 14 December 2007

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend: Ricky Hatton Press Conference

Although he supports Manchester City I think most Leeds United fans would have been cheering Ricky Hatton on last Saturday - any excuse to stay up drinking into the small hours!

Although it wasn't to be his night, I think this classic press conference a couple of months before the fight shows why most people like Ricky Hatton. You can't beat live TV!

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend: Ricky Hatton Press Conference

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton, Kishishev (Howson 46), Douglas, Westlake, Beckford (Flo 83), Kandol (Carole 90). Subs Not Used: Huntington, Thompson.

Booked: Kishishev, Kandol.

Goals: Douglas 24, Beckford 49, 69, Flo 87.

Huddersfield: Smithies, Holdsworth, Mirfin, Nathan Clarke, Williams, Kamara, Collins, Wallwork, Schofield, Booth (Beckett 80), Jevons (Cadamarteri 67). Subs Not Used: Skarz, Brandon, Worthington.

Booked: Nathan Clarke, Kamara, Booth.

Att: 32,501

Ref: Michael Jones (Cheshire).

Well done boys, you did Billy proud today. Regarding the inbred scum who defaced Billy Bremner's statue, if there's any justice in the world, just like their team, they're going to get a good beating.

Tribute To Billy Bremner

Leeds United Matchday

Friday, 7 December 2007

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend

Leeds United

I've just been on the official Leeds United website and one of the stories in the newsroom section is entitled "what's the fuss" which states that Dennis Wise is bemused by the hype surrounding Saturday's game with Huddersfield Town.

You're not from around these parts are you Dennis? It's not the game that's got everybody talking Dennis, it's the nature of the opposing fans. Be afraid Dennis, be very afraid!

The following video by Stal should help put you in the picture.

Still need convincing Dennis? Check out what happened to this poor unsuspecting chap when he ventured into the Huddersfield badlands.

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Leeds United Blog: The Mystery of The Pre-Season Tour Solved

Traditionally leeds United would prepare for the start of the Premiership season with a pre-season tour of sweden. I always wondered why this was the case until now. Imagine David O'Leary posing the following question. Right lads where do fancy playing pre-season? Sweden or Newcastle?

I think the following video provides the definitive answer.

By the way, Bowyer & Woodgate voted for Newcastle!

The Mystery of The Pre-Season Tour Solved

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Hughes, Prutton, Douglas, Kishishev (Howson 74), Westlake (Thompson 81), Beckford (Flo 67), Kandol. Subs Not Used: Huntington, Carole.

Booked: Prutton, Kandol.

Goals: Prutton 18, Beckford 55, Flo 83.

Port Vale: Anyon, Miller (Lawrie 88), Pilkington, Lowe, McGregor (Glover 65), Talbot, Harsley, Salmon, McGoldrick, Laird, Rodgers.

Subs Not Used: Goodlad, Westwood, Prosser.

Booked: McGregor.

Att: 20,301

Ref: Eddie Ilderton (Tyne & Wear).

That's more like it, Take That Port Vale! Good results elsewhere as well. Just a word of consolation to Port Vale fans, at least you've still got Robbie Williams on your side. Check out this Take That video from 1994.

Love the irony of Mr Rehab Robbie Williams talking about "jumping up and down in the first half as the the boys would be shooting up that way"

Are you ready? Give me a V, no Robbie but you can have a TWA and T

Leeds United Matchday