Friday, 30 November 2007

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend: Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game

Every now and again you come across something that is just pure genius, a case in point being Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game. I found out about Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game through the Facebook group dedicated to this inspired idea.

According to the description on Facebook, this ultimate Saturday afternoon drinking game was first established by Attercliffe Parks and Neil 'Birdman' Brookfield in Sheffield under the excellent working title of 'Lets get fucked. Respect due lads.

Everytime a goal is scored: 1 shot of beer

Every sending off: 1 shot of Jager (or substitute)

Half time: Absolutley no alcoholic beverages may be drunk

Whenever Chris Kamara is talking: You must be drinking

Whenever Paul Merson uses stupid rhyming slang (i.e."he's hit the beans on toast"!): 1 shot of Jager

In the second half, all teams can only be referred to by their nicknames: Failure to do so results in a 3 beer shot penalty.

Whenever Swindon Town appear on the vidiprinter: The Last person to shout out 'Mackerel' takes shot of Jager.

Whenever Dundee appear on the vidiprinter: Last person to shout out 'Football' takes shot of Jager.

Everytime Phil Thompson says 'Stevie Gerrard': 3 shots of beer.

Everytime Jeff makes an 'A Trialist' joke: 3 shots of beer.

Everytime your team score: 2 extra shots of beer.

Everytime Matty Taylor and 'Goal of the Season' are mentioned in the same sentence: 1 shot of Jager.

Everytime Jeff calls Kenny Deucher 'The Good Doctor': 1 shot of Whisky

Any hint of racism (social or otherwise) from any of the pundits: Quad bombs (4 jager + redbull) all round.

Everytime Hartlepool score a goal: 3 shots of beer.

Everytime a pundit shouts off camera: 2 shots of beer.

Everytime Matt Le Tissier is mentioned in connection with a takeaway: 1 shot of Jager.

Whenever Chris Kamara says "its unbelievable Jeff", all drinks must be downed.

Everytime Jeff mentions "dancing in the streets of TNS: 1 shot of jager.

Everytime Jeff says "its Doom and Gloom at..." 1 shot of jager.

Everytime the team 'Keith' is referred to as just being one guy: 1 shot of jager.

Everytime Brighton & Hove, or Daggers & Redbridge are jokingly referred to as two different teams playing the same oppo : 1 shot of jager.

Everytime when Arbroath striker Kevin Webster scores and Stelling says "ohh, Sally will be pleased" : 1 shot of Jager.

Everytime anything bad happens to Craig Bellemy (injury, og, booked, arrested for assault etc.) : 2 celebratory shots of the spirit of choice.

Whenever Northampton Town appear on the vidiprinter, last person to shout out 'Cobblers': shot of Jager.

If you have a things to do before you die list, make sure playing Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game is on there.

I can't think of a better time for Leeds Utd fans to play Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game than this weekend. Perhaps losing to the mighty Hereford in the first round of the FA cup wasn't too bad after all.

50,000 members can't be wrong Click Here to join the Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game Facebook Group.

Jeff Stellings Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game: A Video Tribute

Have a great weekend everybody and if you can remember what you did on Monday then you obviously didn't play Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game.

Jeff Stelling's Super Special Soccer Saturday Drinking Game

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Leeds United: White Christmas

Leeds United

With less than a month left until the big day, the leeds united blog is proud to present White Christmas the Leeds United edition.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Leeds United White Christmas

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Leeds United Blog: Football Hard Men

Leeds United

The Times Online recently published a list of football's 50 greatest hard men. Leeds utd fans will be interested to note that the following players with a leeds united connection were listed and described as follows:

5 Johnny Giles (Leeds United and Ireland)

Harmer Giles graduated from Don Revie’s Academy of the Dark Arts with honours. In a team populated with miscreants, Giles was top of the shop. Chelsea’s Tommy Baldwin said, ‘Giles was the main instigator of the really bad tackles.’

13 Paul Reaney (Leeds Utd)

Best also rated Meanie Reaney among the people he least liked being kicked by. ‘(He) was among the toughest players I played against,’ he said. ‘He was at you the whole 90 minutes, using every dodgy trick in the book.’

16 Billy Bremner (Leeds United and Scotland)

The truculent so-and-so from a rough housing scheme in Stirling was the fiery ginger Scottish tough guy incarnate. Once described in a Sunday Times headline as ‘10st of barbed wire.’

18 Norman Hunter (Leeds United and England)

Storming Norman was the first villain to claim the nickname ‘Bites yer legs’. Leeds’ trainer Les Cocker was once told Hunter had gone home with a broken leg. ‘Whose is it?’ he asked.

28 Jack Charlton (Leeds United and England)

Denied ever having a little black book of prospective victims. But he was always the evil twin to Saint Bobby.

31 Kenny Burns (Nottingham Forest and Scotland)

Every city he played in needed a Burns Unit at the nearest hospital.

34 Joe Jordan (Leeds, Manchester United, AC Milan and Scotland)

There have been few more fearsome sights in the European game than 'Jaws' Jordan without his front teeth.

You can read The Times Online list of football's 50 greatest hard men in full by Clicking Here.

Girly Footballers

But what about the other side of the coin? Because for every football hard man, there is a pretty boy more interested in his hair and how he looks than getting stuck in for the team. As such, the leeds united blog is pleased to present Football Ying & Yang.

Leeds United Blog: Football Hard Men

Monday, 26 November 2007

Leeds United Blog: Ian Holloway

Read an article in the Mirror featuring new Leicester City boss Ian Holloway who wants his team to adopt the Leeds United philosophy in order to reach the Championship play-offs. Holloway is quoted as saying.

"I have had a long chat with the players and been honest and frank about what I want. Look at what Leeds United have done...For me, once they stopped moaning about the mess and having 15 points deducted they have got on with it and now look at the unity and the points tally...A winner falls over, gets up, falls over, gets up again and achieves what he wants because he has never given up. That is what I want."

Well said that man.

Ian Holloway's Legendary Post Match Interview

Leeds United Blog: Ian Holloway

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds Utd: Lucas, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Parker (De Vries 73), Prutton (Flo 73), Douglas, Hughes, Carole (Westlake 55), Beckford, Kandol. Subs Not Used: Huntington, Kishishev.

Cheltenham: Higgs, Jeremy Gill, Caines, Duff, Wright, Vincent (Lindegaard 72), Bird, Sinclair, Spencer, Gillespie, Connor (Madjo 77). Subs Not Used: Scott P Brown, Gallinagh, D Agostino.

Goals: Cheltenham (Gillespie 86).

Att: 7,043

Referee: Lee Probert

What is with leeds conceding goals from 30 yards out? Keep the faith, we would have more than settled to be where we are in the league now at the start of the season.

The Leeds United Distractor

If losing didn't feel so shit, winning wouldn't feel so sweet but that's not much comfort on a day like today, particularly on a Sunday when all you've got to look forward to is work in the morning and people taking the piss who don't support God's own team. That's why as from today the Leeds United blog will be activating the Leeds United Distractor. As the promotional poster featuring Big Leeds United fan Justin Timberlake notes, the Leeds United Distractor is only to be used (hopefully not too often) after defeat.

The leeds united distractor simply consists of something to take your mind off the game. In this case a video from a Japanese game show. I can't begin to tell you how much I think the next England Football manager should be allowed to use the Slapping Machine on underperforming players before, during and after a game (you'll know what I mean when you watch the video).

Leeds United Matchday

Friday, 23 November 2007

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend

Leeds United

Gotta love that Friday feeling and in celebration I'm starting a new regular feature on the leeds united blog. Each Friday I intend to post a video designed to get the weekend off to a chortlingly good start.

The first video in the series has being doing the rounds for a while now but it's still worth a watch even if you've seen it before. A big thanks to Neil (Kippax lad pretending to be posh living in Garforth) Allison for letting me know about this one.

This one goes out to anyone who has played championship manager or football manager

Have a great weekend, come on Leeds!


Marching on Together.

Leeds United: Something For The Weekend

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Leeds United Blog: England Special

I've just watched the England football team lose to Croatia at Wembley and fail to qualify for the European championships. I still can't quite believe what I witnessed tonight. With this is mind, I put the following video together for Steve McClaren all the boys who wore the England shirt during this disastrous campaign.

Leeds United Blog: England Special

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Ankergren (Lucas 38), Richardson, Huntington, Heath, Parker, Carole (Weston 83), Howson, Hughes, Westlake (Constantine 66), Kandol, Beckford. Subs: Clapham, Elliott.

Hereford: Brown, Rose, McCombe, Ainsworth, Smith, Easton (Taylor 90), Benjamin, Threlfall, Diagouraga, Robinson, Beckwith. Subs: Guinan, Ingham, Gwynne, Johnson.

Goals: Hereford (Ainsworth 3)

Booked: Hughes, Heath (leeds united)

Referee: Graham Laws

Att: 11,315

Time to concentrate on the league. Enough said.

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United: Cuddly Ken Bates

Leeds United

Good old Cuddly Ken, you've got to love him, or do you? At the start of the season is was very much shoes off if you hate ken bates; but what about now? Cast your vote below.

The Always Charming Mr Ken Bates. Thanks again Stal, another quality YouTube upload.

Leeds United: Cuddly Ken Bates

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Leeds United: Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Marques, Heath, Clapham, Prutton, Howson, Hughes, Carole (Kishishev 61), Kandol (De Vries 83), Beckford (Constantine 90). Subs Not Used: Huntington, Thompson.

Swindon Town: Brezovan, Comminges, Ifil, Aljofree, Zaaboub, Roberts (McGovern 83), Easton (Corr 73), Pook, Peacock, Paynter, Cox. Subs Not Used: Nicholas, Tozer, Scott.

Goals: Leeds United (Beckford 32 pen, & 56), Swindon (Peacock 47)

Booked: Beckford (leeds united), Aljofree, Comminges, Roberts, Easton, Pook, Cox, Paynter (Swindon)

Referee: Lee Mason

Att: 27,990

Come on Leeds! Imagine how the table would look if we hadn't been robbed by the football league.

In response to my last blog post on Jermaine Beckford, I'd just like to say £750,000 and then some!

Jermaine Beckford's winning goal: The "Only Sing When You're Winning Edition". Many thanks to Stal for uploading the video to YouTube.

Leeds United: Leeds United Matchday

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Leeds United: Jermaine Beckford

Leeds United

Came across a very interesting article by Steve Claridge on Jermaine Beckford for the Guardian Unlimited sport blog. The article was part of the scouting report series were the football player under review is assessed according to various criteria. Claridge rated Jermaine Beckford as follows.

Awareness 6/10

Heading 7/10

Attitude 6/10

Pace 9/10

Shooting 8/10

Valuation £750,000

You can read Jermaine Beckford's scouting report in full by Clicking Here

Jermaine Doing What He Does Best

Leeds United: Jermaine Beckford

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Leeds United: Lucas, Madden, Marques, Huntington, Parker, Prutton (Douglas 46), Howson, Da Costa, Carole (Kandol 66), De Vries (Heath 77), Constantine. Subs: Martin, Weston.

Bury: Provett, Scott, Futcher, Challinor, Woodthorpe, Haslam, Bishop (Mangan 72), Barry-Murphy, Buchanan (Hurst 54), Parrish, Adams (Barker 89). Subs: Rouse, Dorney.

Goals: Leeds Utd (Constantine 8), BURY (Futcher 24, Bishop 29)

Referee: K Friend.

Booked: Woodthorpe, Haslam (Bury), Prutton, Douglas (Leeds)

Sent-off: Da Costa (Leeds)

Att: 18,809

Let's hope this is the last time we ever have to play in this paint tin pot trophy

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United: Things You Wish They'd Said

Leeds United

Number 1 in an occasional series:

Leeds United: Things You Wish They'd Said

Monday, 12 November 2007

Leeds United On Facebook

Social networking websites are a great way for Leeds United fans from around the world to meet up for a 'virtual' get together. The best thing about social networking sites such as Facebook is their interactivity, visitors can start or join in with an existing discussion, post messages, pictures and videos, recommend relevant links and resources etc.

One the best leeds united social networking groups I've come across is on Facebook. This very active and extremely well organised site has over 6000 members. Among the many things that will engage leeds united fans are current discussions about the Peter Ridsdale apology and why Vinnie Jones left Leeds, and thanks to one of the members Jamie Thomson, you can get hold of an interactive Leeds United fixture list calendar for free.

You can visit and join this excellent leeds united resource by Clicking Here

Be warned, however, as you'll see from the following video, once you facebook, there's no going back!!

Leeds United On Facebook

Friday, 9 November 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Hereford: Brown, Rose, McCombe, Broadhurst (Taylor 63), Threlfall, Ainsworth, Smith, Diagouraga, Easton, Robinson, Benjamin (Guinan 72). Subs: Webb, Ingham, Gwynne.

Leeds United: Ankergren, Marques, Huntington, Heath, Parker, Weston (Da Costa 72), Howson, Douglas, Carole (Clapham, 90), Kandol (Constantine 83), Beckford. Subs: Bayly, Lucas.

Referee: A Bates

Booked: Douglas, Parker (Leeds)

Att: 5,924 (1,070 Leeds)

Ronnie Radford, your boys took one hell of a beating. Well not exactly, and to make up for the lack of goals let's have a look at Ronnie's screamer. Never tire of watching this one.

By the way, still can't get my head around leeds united playing a FA cup tie in November.

The Original Rocket Ronnie

Oh yeah and some guy called George scores as well. Damn fine year 1972! Something about this footage reminds of Leeds United Vs Ipswich Town, can't quite put my finger it on it though!

Leeds United Matchday

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Leeds United Debate: Should We Buy The New Peter Ridsdale Book?

Leeds United

Tricky one this, particularly as all the proceeds from the book are going to St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds. So even if you buy Ridsdale's new book just so you can burn it, your hard earned cash will be going to a good cause.

So what about the book itself?

According to the official blurb:

"United We Fall" is the unique story of life inside football, told from behind-the-scenes of one of Britain's most legendary clubs Leeds United. It is also the true story of the childhood fan who became chairman of his Premiership team. Peter Ridsdale, one of the game's most controversial and colourful figures, oversaw the most dramatic and talked-about period in Leeds United's history.

In this compelling account, he writes about how the dream spectacularly unravelled when the club went into financial meltdown. It is a fall from grace which speaks volumes for the politicking, pressures, successes and failures within the professional game today.

This book is like reading the confidential files of a Premiership football chairman, detailing the characters, the prima donnas, the fall-outs, the outrageous transfer demands, and secret deals. Then there is the Leeds United trial, a near-death plane crash, and the fatal riots from Galatasaray - and how one chairman fought to keep a club together throughout it all"

For & Against

To say this has divided leeds united fans is an understatement. The following views about the book were published on the Amazon website.


First of all, no true leeds fan is remotely interested in listening to a man who ruined our proud club. So don't buy this garbage. You will only be stroking this man's over inflated ego by doing so.


To my eternal shame and personal disgust, I actually LIKED this book. I bought it with a cynicism and with dubious thoughts about the much-loathed author, and expected a pile of self-indulgent, pass-the-buck rubbish. Then, seven hours after being unable to put it down, I realised that this is a story that every Leeds fans in love with the club must read...This is a book that will stir the memories, the anger and despair all over again, reminding us all of some brilliant times, and the mess Ridsdale and Co left behind. For the first time, we get the full picture of what really happened at Elland Road: the good, the bad and the ugly. It's a journey that makes for riveting reading and, as much as we hate the guy, this is an important contribution to our history.

For full details on the book and to read more customer reviews Click Here to visit Amazon. Amazon are currently selling the book for £11.39 which is £7.60 (40%) less than the recommended retail price.

Have Your Say

Feel The Pain

Video that captuted the mood of many Leeds United fans prior to the great start to this season.

Leeds United Debate: Should We Buy The New Peter Ridsdale Book?

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Bournemouth 1 (Karacan 37), Leeds 3 (Kandol 4, 86, Carole 54)

Bournemouth: Moss, Telfer, Gowling, Alex Pearce, Goldborne, Henry, Anderton (Vokes 68), Karacan, Hollands, Kuffour, Bradbury. Subs: Pitman, Stewart, Jason Pearce, Lallana.

Leeds United: Ankergren, Richardson, Heath, Marques, Clapham, Prutton, Douglas, Hughes (Da Costa 90), Carole (Weston 85), Beckford, Kandol. Subs: Lucas, Huntington, Constantine.

Referee: Steve Bennett

Booked: Prutton, Douglas, Hughes (Leeds).

Sent-off: Bradbury (Bournemouth)

That's more like it. Well done lads. We get knocked down, we get back up again!

Leeds United Matchday

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Leeds United Matchday

Leeds United

Carlise 3 (Hackney 61, Garner 70, Bridge-Wilkinson 90), Leeds United 1 (Beckford 28)

Carlisle: Westwood, Raven, Livesey, Murphy, Aranalde, Anyinsah (Gall 72), Lumsdon, Bridge-Wilkinson, Hackney, Garner (Carlton 90), Graham. Subs: Howarth, Arnison, Smith.

United: Ankergren, Richardson, Heath, Marques, Clapham (Huntington 90), Prutton (Constantine 76), Douglas, Carole (Da Costa 76), Beckford, Kandol. Subs: Weston, Lucas.

Referee: P Dowd

Booked: Bridge-Wilkinson (Carlisle), Clapham, Prutton, Heath, Hughes, Kandol (leeds united)

Att: 16,668

Not much to say really, other than gutted! The following football video is designed to keep your mind off the result, for a few minutes at least!

Worth watching just to see Judas Floyd go for a burton against Arsenal at elland road.

Leeds United Matchday

Friday, 2 November 2007

Leeds United on YouTube

Leeds United

Just a quick leeds united blog post today to draw your attention to an excellent new Leeds United YouTube video. Many thanks to SmudgeLU (sorry mate, don't know your real name) for uploading this beauty.

Leeds United: The Season So Far

Leeds United on YouTube

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Leeds United News: Dave Bassett Named As Assistant Manager

Leeds United

After allsorts (pun intended) of speculation Dave (Harry, Bertie) Bassett has been named as assistant manager at leeds united until the end of the season. It's amazing what you find out when you start doing a bit of research. For instance, did you know that the new man at elland road was part of the Wimbledon team who achieved a famous draw against Leeds United in the 4th round of the FA Cup in 1975.

The hero that day was Dickie Guy who saved a Peter Lorimer penalty and in doing so became the the most famous non-league player of all time. Dickie Guy (WTF), give me Dickie Bird any day. Can you do an impression of a peacock Dickie Guy? Thought not, Dickie Bird can.

To find out more about the new assistant manager at elland road Click Here to see Dave Bassett's Wikipedia page.

Good luck Bertie.

Leeds United News: Dave Bassett Named As Assistant Manager