Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Leeds United Debate: Should We Buy The New Peter Ridsdale Book?

Leeds United

Tricky one this, particularly as all the proceeds from the book are going to St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds. So even if you buy Ridsdale's new book just so you can burn it, your hard earned cash will be going to a good cause.

So what about the book itself?

According to the official blurb:

"United We Fall" is the unique story of life inside football, told from behind-the-scenes of one of Britain's most legendary clubs Leeds United. It is also the true story of the childhood fan who became chairman of his Premiership team. Peter Ridsdale, one of the game's most controversial and colourful figures, oversaw the most dramatic and talked-about period in Leeds United's history.

In this compelling account, he writes about how the dream spectacularly unravelled when the club went into financial meltdown. It is a fall from grace which speaks volumes for the politicking, pressures, successes and failures within the professional game today.

This book is like reading the confidential files of a Premiership football chairman, detailing the characters, the prima donnas, the fall-outs, the outrageous transfer demands, and secret deals. Then there is the Leeds United trial, a near-death plane crash, and the fatal riots from Galatasaray - and how one chairman fought to keep a club together throughout it all"

For & Against

To say this has divided leeds united fans is an understatement. The following views about the book were published on the Amazon website.


First of all, no true leeds fan is remotely interested in listening to a man who ruined our proud club. So don't buy this garbage. You will only be stroking this man's over inflated ego by doing so.


To my eternal shame and personal disgust, I actually LIKED this book. I bought it with a cynicism and with dubious thoughts about the much-loathed author, and expected a pile of self-indulgent, pass-the-buck rubbish. Then, seven hours after being unable to put it down, I realised that this is a story that every Leeds fans in love with the club must read...This is a book that will stir the memories, the anger and despair all over again, reminding us all of some brilliant times, and the mess Ridsdale and Co left behind. For the first time, we get the full picture of what really happened at Elland Road: the good, the bad and the ugly. It's a journey that makes for riveting reading and, as much as we hate the guy, this is an important contribution to our history.

For full details on the book and to read more customer reviews Click Here to visit Amazon. Amazon are currently selling the book for £11.39 which is £7.60 (40%) less than the recommended retail price.

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Feel The Pain

Video that captuted the mood of many Leeds United fans prior to the great start to this season.

Leeds United Debate: Should We Buy The New Peter Ridsdale Book?

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