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Leeds United: The 1970's

Leeds United

It goes without saying that the leeds united blog will have posts relating to the 1970's, this one, however, is slightly different insofar as it features a great song about the 1970's brilliantly entitled "Leeds United"

The song by pop/rock/glam musician Luke Haines was inspired by his memories of growing up in the 1970's, and as well as the Leeds United references, there are other 70's icons mentioned i.e. World of Sport, Jimmy Savile and Kendo Nagasaki. Another 1970s theme running through the song relates to the Yorkshire Ripper, for instance the line "At Leeds United they're chanting vengence, it's a 13-0 defeat on the front page of the Post" is referring to the number of Yorkshire ripper victims.

When talking about the song, Luke Haines was quoted as saying "It is not really about Leeds United Football Club, the reason the club is mentioned was because it was the biggest and had quite a reputation for trouble." However, the Leeds United connection is clearly a strong one as, Haines played at book signings for David Peace, to help promote Damned United, the book about Brian Clough's 44 days as manager at Elland Road.

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It's not quite marching on together but if you do fancy a sing-a-long, Click Here to listen to the Leeds United song, second track down on media player.

Leeds United Lyrics

When I get home my wife will kill me
She's so house proud, so don't tread dirt into the carpet
Stop for a pint in Chapeltown
Lights turn to red and then they go out
And for the price of five pounds
It's what the seventies were about


Leeds United, Leeds United
From Wakefield to the Ridings
To the ground at Elland Road
At Leeds United they're chanting vengence, it's a 13-0 defeat on the front page of the Post
A last minute substitution but we didn't have the talent
I was beaten we were gutted I was sick as a parrot

Leeds United
Leeds United

Every Saturday night at the Teddy Boys' disco
It's good to be young leave the wife at home now
Propping up the bar World Of Sport then fixing the car
You're on a mission from God It's what the weekend's all about

It's good to be young now
Leeds United Leeds United
Mark II Ford Cortina Vauxhall Viva Ford Corsair
On the terraces of Leeds United
One voice is silent he's the man with jet black hair
And come to bed eyes that's what he had
It's just another wet Saturday afternoon with the lads

Leeds United (times 4)

Little monsters run and roam
Little blighters in the carpet
They're hidden in the walls
In the attic and in the cupboards
And in the house of Lords
The chamber of horrors at Madame Tussauds
Out with the old we've got to make room for them all

Now the chorus

Leeds United Leeds United
There but for the grace of God we go
Leeds United Leeds United
Bad season after season at Elland Road
Leeds United Leeds United

No leads for the West Yorkshire police
In Victorian Leeds concrete Leeds
There's a killer on the terraces better call in Doris Stokes
The devil came to Yorkshire in the silver Jubilee
It could be Kendo Nagasaki Jimmy Savile or the Queen

Leeds United (times 4)

The North, the North
Where we do what we want
The North the North
Where we do what we like

The North, the North
Where we do what we want
The North the North
Where we do what we like

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The Leeds United song also appears on The Luke Haines CD album Off My Rocker at the Art School Bop, which you can get hold of via the following link.

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Leeds United Pictures From The 1970's

These brilliant Leeds United pictures come courtesy of Jari (AKA Sir Edwin Gray) who I've been in touch with through the LUFC-Finland Forum

Click Here to see all Jari's football pictures.

Click Here to see all the wonderful pictures uploaded to the Leeds United Flickr group.

Leeds United

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