Monday, 28 January 2008

Leeds United Newsflash: Dennis Wise Leaves Leeds

Leeds United

Not sure how I feel about this one. I still believe that with the time and players he had last season it was a disgrace that we went down, but on the other hand he deserves credit for galvanising the squad after the 15 point deduction and pushing us to the verge of promotion.

As Leeds united fans I think it would be naive to think that Dennis wise would show any loyalty to our great club. This is just one more twist in the roller coaster that is Leeds United. Think we'd be used to it by now wouldn't you!

As an eternal optimist, here's my prediction. New manager comes in, Leeds secure back to back promotions and our first game back in the premier league is Newcastle at home. Bring it on!

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Leeds United Newsflash: Dennis Wise Leaves Leeds

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Anonymous said...

Like you I am in two minds about this one. After losing some momentum I began to think that we needed a kick up the proverbial. Maybe this is just what we need. After all we are a better prospect for a 'named' manager being where we are in the league than we have been for some time.

A manager that takes over the club now could create some serious glory for himslef taking us back to the premier league and with plenty of billionaires out there interested in clubs, Leeds, surely, has to be a number one target.

Marching on together.....